Kiosk & Retail Self Service


Netcard has been providing Self Service Kiosk, Retail and POS solutions to its clients for over 20 years.

These solutions include MicroMarket technology, Prisoner self service ordering kiosks and traditional fully attended POS systems.  Including both customised hardware and software.  Our hardware can also be integrated into your software platforms.



At netcard we fully customise kiosk solutions for your company objectives.

These kiosks are designed and manufactured locally.
We also offer imported variants if required, and our national support network will deploy and support your solution.

Our software team have extensive experience with integrating specialised peripheral payment and identification components to maximise the kiosk effectiveness for your market penetration.

Point of Sale


Netcard can provide traditional POS systems and also  deliver unique highly integrated platforms that provide a closed loop cashless backend.

The front of house POS solutions are integrated with self service kiosks and online ordering solutions.

Any card or biometric payment platform can be adopted by netcard to deliver your corporate or government environemnt a highly secure and operationally efficient cashless solution.

Core Benefits

Closed loop Cashless

Australian Made

Custom Kiosks

Kiosk Design


We have an extensive team of design engineers and large local facilities to build any size project