Netcard has developed and integarted very advanced Biometric authentication into many self service kiosk and vending systems.  These projects have been world first advancements, we have a full R&D team at your disposal for complex Biometric authentication projects.

Iris Biometrics


AerPass is the first self-levelling, touch-less, plug and play, Iris scanner and face capture platform in the world. AerPass removes the "Human familiarity factor" from use of Iris Scanning by leaving all the work to the machine.
AerVision's proprietary solution detects the eyes and controls the robotic arm to perfectly align the scanner to the user’s eyes so a perfect scan of the iris can be taken. The scan process occurs in under a second, and allows high throughput Iris access or enrolment.
With AerPass, access control and passenger screening in heavy traffic areas such as airports, corporate buildings and secure facilities becomes easy, fast and very reliable. In fact the chance of AerPass incorrectly identifying a person is 1 in 2.3 Trillion!! And this is achieved in under 1 second.

AerPass is ideal for:

  • Border control

  • Fast track at airport security

  • Fast boarding for airlines

  • Secure and reliable access control for high-end secure buildings

  • Access to events

  • Access control in hygienic environment such as operating theatres

Palm vein Scanner


Palm vein biometric sensor technology, is touchless and extremely accurate. Using it, is as simple as waving your hand over a scanner, the same way one uses a proxy card except without a card!

Feature highlights:

  • Advanced biometric authentication algorithm delivers ultra-low FAR (false accept rate) and FRR (false reject rate)

  • Contactless palm vein authentication is hygienic and non-invasive - with No Residual Trace Technology

  • Fast and easy registration with virtually no enrolment error



Palm is ideal for:

  • Maintenance free, enterprise physical access control

  • Time of attendance

  • Visitor management

Core Benefits

Scalable and affordable

Fastest Matching

Most Accurate

Iris Access Control


EyeLock brings the future of access control in reach. eyeLock is the most accurate biometric authentication solution, next to DNA. It can easily integrate with the existing access control, building management and time of attendance systems. It also supports dual factor authentication using 3rd party card reader or mobile phone apps.