Cashless Systems

               Cards and Biometrics

Netcard has been delivering closed loop cashless solutions for its entire history. Many traditional innovations included photocopier cost recovery and student cashless card systems.  More modern systems include the integration with many of the market leading credit card systems, our own proprietary netcard card systems and biometric authentication technology, including mobility.

Cashless payments


Netcard has high level integrations with several leading payment gateways in Australia, NZ, USA and UK.

Additionally our proprietary payment gateway will deliver closed loop cashless environments for any payment eco system you have or need to deliver.

Seed Cashless for Vending with VMS


Netcard is the Oceanic agent for Cantaloupesystems which incorporates a world leading cashless payment solution for Vending machines.

Talk to us today about our roll out of Seed Cashless  for vending throughout our region.

Core Benefits

Closed Loop Proprietary Systems

Largest Vending Cashless Fleet

Fast Development 

Quick to market

Closed Loop Cashless


Talk to us about all the ways to pay at a vending machine and setting up a closed loop cashless system