Corrective Services Industry


Netcard has been providing innovative solutions to the corrections industry for 10 years, focusing on self service information and retail solutions for prisoners, visitors and staff.  Please contact us to learn more about our advancements in this arena.

Prisoner Self Service Kiosks


Netcard can provide many variations to their self service kiosks for prisoners.  We manufacture the kiosks locally in Australia and design them to each clients specific needs.  Not every facility is the same, and we provide customised locally built solutions.

Our prison kiosks are very tough to ensure they meet the harsh conditions.  We can custom build IP66 enclosures with security in mind.  We choose the best peripherals to ensure smooth daily operations and maximum up time.

Our systems are very broad and we welcome your enquiry to allow us to outline in depth how we can provide the right self service solution for your facilities.

Cash Managment lobby and prisoner kiosks


Netcard has been a leader in Australia at integrating with payment system for many business applications.

Our solutions for the corrections industry allow your full life cycle of cash managment to be automated via several industry sepcific self service kiosks designed by netcard.

The intake and discharge of cash for prisoners along with Visitor deposits and staff vending.

Our systems allow a fully cashless environment.

Netcard's biometric and card authentication solutions will ensure a more secure operation accross all self service terminals, incuding cash and retail business operations.

In Cell Fixed Devices &

Personal Issue Devices


Our content and device management solutions allow for an extensive secure deployment of services to the prisoners.

The services available now are extensive, we welcome the opportunity to provide you a demonstration.

These highly scalable solutions deliver significant benefits towards achieving greatly reduced residivism.

Contact us to learn about all the features our devices can deliver.

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Core Benefits

Increase safety

Improve Operations

Reduce Recidivism